PM K.P.Sharma Oli makes a remarkable recovery

KATHMANDU, Nov 29: Prime Minister K.P.Sharma Oli is on the road to recovery and out of danger said the committee of Doctors attending him. Organizing a press conference at the Man Mohan Cardiothoracic, Vascular and Transplant Center the doctors have stated that the PM’s health has had significant improvement. The PM’s personal physician Prof (Dr.) Divya Singh added that the PM can now walk and carry out mild physical activities.

Dr. Singh also said that “there has been a considerable improvement even in his digestive system, his blood count is normal, and due to the operation for appendicitis that was conducted he is being kept in the hospital for further observation. It may take a week till he totally recovers till then he will have to take rest at the hospital.

Dr. Arun Sayami the PM’s health advisor said that the PM requires rest for further 10 days.

Dr. Shah said that right now he is completely out of danger, but cannot ascertain that for the future. The doctor also stated that due to acute renal problems of the PM it is better if he undertakes another transplant.

“We are discussing all his health-related aspects, including renal transplant. That is the major health problem that he is facing right now. Appendicitis has been removed and he is out of danger” he said.

 (Photo – Roshan Sapkota)