By-Election Update

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress (NC) main opposition party candidate Gajendra Bahadur Chand has won the Chairman seat for Village Development Council (VDC) from Sunarya Ward-1 in Baitadi. It was a close contest where the difference was only 4 votes.

Chand secured 219 whereas his closest contender Dhan Bahadur Chand secured 215 votes.

Ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) candidate Dharma Budathoki won the Chairman seat of Kumakhmalika VDC Ward-5 of Salyan district securing 792 votes. NC candidate secured 251 votes.

NCP candidate Jitendra Rai won the Chairman seat from Shyamsila Ward-1 Pauwadunga of Bhojpur district. NCP candidate Rai secured 691 votes whereas his closest contender Samar Bahadur Karki secured 254 votes from the NC.

The chairman seat of the Ruru VDC Ward-6  Gulmi district has been won by NCP candidate. NCP has also won the Kavre Dhulikhel VDC Ward-2 seat which elected Dev Prasad Koirala as the new Chairman. NCP Koirala secured 867 votes and his nearest candidate Darna Bahadur Khatri secured 582 votes.

Rashtriya Janata Party ( National People’s Party) candidate Ram Babu Nayak has won from the Matihani VDC Ward-6 for Chairman. He secured 375 votes and his closest contender from NCP Mohammad Jakir Ansari received 355 votes.

NCP candidate Kedarnath Acharya has won with 712 votes from Indrawati VDC Ward-8 of Sindhupalchowk district for the post of Chairman. His contender Ashok Tamang from NC secured 439 votes, and Rashtriya Prajatantra Party (United) and Rashtriya Prajatantra Party Nepal secured 3 votes.