Signature campaign to begin for Nepal to be declared as a Hindu Nation

Reporters Club Event: “If we look at the political aspect PM Oli has been successful, but if we look at development and administration he has failed,” said Former Minister and Chairman of the Rashtriya Prajatantra Party Samyukta (National Democratic Party United) Pashupati Sumsher Rana.

Speaking at the Reporters Club last week at a press interaction organized after the by-election results were declared, former Minister Rana also said “for two seats it was a set-back for the NCP”. The ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) had lost two major seats of Dharan and Bhaktapur.

Chairman Rana also spoke about the recent completion of his Party’s religious tour from the birthplace of Sita to the birthplace of Buddha. “Other political parties are in support of our stand for Nepal to be a Hindu nation. That is our party’s prime agenda to see Nepal as a single Hindu nation. There are 81% Hindu’s in Nepal, and including the Omkar family, it is 94%. But the leadership went unilateral against the sentiments of the people and trampled on their wishes declaring Nepal to be secular”.

“Secularism does not fit with Nepal’s identity, neither does it serve a purpose, we are looking into ways with which we can incorporate Hinduism back into the constitution. We are looking at various aspects and methods to reach out to the people. We are planning to start a signature campaign that will go down to the grassroots. Our party demands that Nepal should be declared as a Hindu nation”.

Chairman Rana further stated that “the leadership toyed and trampled with the aspirations of the people, and the identity of secularism does not fit with the image of Nepal. We are known for Everest on one side and the birthplace of Sita, and the birthplace of Lord Buddha. This is our true identity, and it is necessary that Nepal is declared a Hindu nation”.

The program that was officiated by the President of the Reporters Club and senior Journalist Rishi Dhamala posed a question regarding the current stand of the ruling NCP on their success and failure. To this Chairman Rana replied “the government is on the verge of completing two years. PM Oli has only been successful with politics, but when we look at development and administration he has failed”.