People aligned in grassroots to vote out Madhes based parties: HoR Chaudhary

Reporters Club Event: “This by-election happened with absolute fairness, and there is no evidence of tampering or corruption. The Election Commission (EC) has worked hard, and I would like to thank the EC. I was there in my constituency, and all those who were part of the elections including the administration and security” said former assistant Minister and general secretary of the Rashtriya Janata Party Nepal (National People’s Party Nepal) Chanda Chaudhary.

She is also a member of the House of Representatives (HoR) of the federal parliament of Nepal.

She spoke at the Reporters Club in a special interaction program last week after the completion of the by-elections.

HoR Chaudhary said that “our country is democratic and a republic, the citizens are aware and conscious. Nepal Communist Party (NCP) won most of the seats. The elections showed that people are aligned in the grassroots to counter the Madhes party in order to defeat them. People still do not respect the decision and ideology of the party” she said.

HoR Chaudary also said that this election was fairly conducted with no signs of fraud or corruption, and she thanked the people who worked tirelessly throughout in order to make the election successful.