Public mandate for the ruling party has declined, NC will rise: Former Minister Saud

REPORTERS CLUB EVENT: “Public mandate is not with the government, it has decreased,” said former Minister and senior leader of the main opposition Nepali Congress party (NC) Narayan Prakash Saud.

Speaking at a special interaction program organized at the Reporters Club last week, Saud said that “ NC  gave importance to this election, we won Bhaktapur and Dharan, and various other Wards and Village Development Councils.

Generally practiced throughout the world by-elections are always have favored the ruling party, but this election in Nepal showed that public support has declined.

Nepali Congress has strengthened in this election, and we have added support in several areas. We have taken several areas that were under NCP control, and the entire outcome of the election was positive for the party.

Nepali Congress has taken the entire process of this by-election in a positive manner, and we are working towards making the party stronger for the coming days ahead.

The interaction program was officiated by the President of the Reporters Club and senior journalist Rishi Dhamala. When the latter asked to which side has the public mandate gone, the Congress or the Communists?

When asked by Rishi Dhamala the where has the mandate gone Congress or Communist? Saud replied “the mandate has declined for the NCP. Nepali Congress is slowly moving forward. We will establish a stronger party in the coming elections in two years’ time. We cannot say that it is a win or lose for any particular party. It is a signal that NCP is losing support and Congress is gaining its stronghold”.