NCP has implemented the constitution and further strengthened the Republic: Former Minister Pokharel

Reporters Club Event: “We made a constitution after the revolution, and there were many challenges ahead of us,” said former Minister and central committee member of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Ananda Pokharel.

In a special interaction program organized at the Reporters Club last week, the former Minister spoke about the by-election results and the ruling party is playing a major role in implementing the newly acquired constitution.

“In two years NCP has implemented the constitution and further strengthened the republican and federal system. The first challenge had been to ameliorate nationalism, the second was implementing the constitution, and the third was developing the nation”.

“We won 75% of the seats in the by-election. It is the beauty of the system and institutionalized the process of democracy and individual voting rights. We are one, we have united, and we fight as one party”.

“NCP is united and we have fought this election together. NCP did not lose the Bhaktapur seat due to internal factionalism or betrayal. It was because we were not able to identify the strategy of the other coalition parties. It has nothing got to do with factionalism, we are united as ever. I have watched the by-elections closely all our cadres worked closely with one another” he said.