NSJF condemns the brutal assault on journo Chapagain by Nepal Police

KATHMANDU: Nepal Sports Journalists Forum (NSJF) has strongly condemned the incident involving a journalist being severely beaten up by the Nepal Police.

The incident that took place earlier this morning at the Dashrath Stadium on the last day of the 13th South Asian Games being held at the valley.

Journalist Suman Chapagain was apprehended for clicking pictures and beaten up by Nepal Police.

The press release that was signed by the NSJF President Durga Nath Subedi strongly condemned the attack by Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Santosh Singh Rathore.

The press release also stated that it was a matter of national shame at such a momentous occasion. Incidents like these would damage the credibility of the nation in the eyes of the foreign guests.

It said that there is no level of condemnation for this kind of incident and strong action needs to be taken against DSP Rathore.