Constitutional right to stake claim for the Speaker the House: Former Minister Joshi

REPORTERS CLUB EVENT: Congress Party (NC) Nabindra Raj Joshi said that “Nepali Congress will claim for the position of the Speaker of the House as it is a matter of constitutional right”. Speaking at a press interaction program at the Reporters Club last week former Minister Joshi said that “the House of Representatives (HoR) need to be well aware of this issue, there should be a discussion in the house”.

“What will the Parliament do without a Speaker of the House? It is entailed in the constitution that the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker cannot be of the same party”.

“All the political parties were united when we promulgated the constitution. We should understand the sentiments of the constitution, and that is my request to the current government”.

“We have to respect the constitution and make it inclusive irrespective of partisan politics”.

“The steps that have been taken by the GoN have not been in line with the aspirations of the people, and it has constantly trampled the constitution without adhering to its basic principles”.

“Take an example of the Guthi, or Human Rights bill, or the constitution council bill, any legislation coming forward has gone against the spirit of democracy, and the opposition has not been considered due to the 2/3rd majority the ruling party has received”.

“Regarding Limpiadhura, Kalapani, and Lipulek, they are well within the territory of Nepal, and we need a strong diplomatic channel to resolve this issue. The government has still not been able to provide information on how they are working to resolve the dispute. They have been saying it, and they say that a letter has been drafted but nothing has been shown to the general public”.

“The position of the President and its integrity has to be maintained, and we need to make sure that there is no danger to our democracy and republic”.

“Opposition party will stake claim to the post of Speaker of the House because it is a constitutional right that is enlisted”.