Three including police inspector killed in bomb blast

Dhanusha bomb blast

DHANUSHA, Dec 14: Three people including inspector Amir Dahal were killed in a bomb blast in Dhanusha on Friday.

The IED, which was placed at the gate of Rajesh Shah’s house at Chireshwarnath Municipality -5, Mahendranagar, went off midnight killing Shah, 46, and his 25-year old son Ananda Shah on the spot.

Dahal, who was also injured in the blast, was rushed to the hospital. He was pronounced dead at around 6:40 am in the morning, according to District Police Office, Dhanusa.

Shah’s 14-year old son Prakash, 22-year-old daughter Nikki Kumari and 73-years-old father Vhikhari Shah were badly injured and are receiving treatment at BP Koirala Hospital in Dharan.

Constable Rijnath Kumar was also injured in the blast.

Inspector Dahal had reached Shah’s house at midnight to examine and confirm the IED after Shah couple informed the police about the unidentified object hanging at the gate of their newly built house.

The police have launched an investigation into the blast.