Result of Skill and Competency test published (With Result)

EPS Korea skill and competency test result

KATHMANDU, Dec 22: The EPS Korea Section Nepal has published the result of the second phase of the EPS-TOPIK exam (Skill and Competency test) on Sunday.

The second round test for the 12,009 aspirants workers, who passed the EPS-TOPIK (Korean language) proficiency test, was held from November 20 to December 9 (Mangshir 4 to Mangshir 23).

The South Korean government is recruiting only 4,700 for the manufacturing sector and 2000 for the agriculture sector this year.

A total of 92,376 workers had registered for the EPS-TOPIK (Korean language) test. Of them, only 84,308 had attended the language proficiency test.

According to the EPS Department, the details of the distribution and registration of the job application form for the passed aspirants seeking a job in Korea will be published as soon as possible.

Note: The aspirants who have passed the exam have been marked Y and who have not have been marked with N in the final column. The scores and other details are also included in the results.