Nepal Police cracks down on Chinese national’s organized crime: Over 100 arrested from Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: Nepal Police (NP) had begun search and arrest operations in suspicion of over a thousand Chinese nationals involved in organized crime. The operation which began yesterday saw over a hundred Chinese nationals being arrested within 24 hours. The investigation that was ongoing for over 6 months, had prepared a list of Chinese nationals that were involved in organized criminal activities living in Kathmandu.  

Police raided several areas of the capital yesterday after the list was complete and began arresting them. Dozens of them were caught in a single raid, and Nepal Police has stated that over a hundred Chinese individuals have been caught but the identity and description are being kept as a secret.  

It is said that the Chinese nationals living in the capital city were involved in various forms of criminal activities. From hacking banking systems to illegally withdrawing money from various automated teller machines (ATM), drugs, illegal foreign currency, pander, cheating and forgery.  

Over a hundred of them have been arrested since yesterday, and the investigations are ongoing while more information is yet to come. A few months back just before the arrival of President Xi Jinping, the Chinese nationals that were caught for banking fraud from the capital were sent back on a chartered flight. The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China too had raised concerns over the activities of its citizens in Nepal.