Well-planned corruption, NCP government withering away national property: Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat

REPORTERS CLUB EVENT: Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Joint General Secretary of the main opposition Nepali Congress Party (NC) Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat has said that the ” decisions taken by the central committee yesterday have not been under dissent”. This clarification came earlier today while he spoke at the Reporters Club.

President and senior journalist Rishi Dhamala officiated the program seeking clarification on whether or not there was dissatisfaction across party lines regarding the dates of the convention.

Dr. Mahat clarified that the President of NC Sher Bahadur Deuba had taken everybody’s consent while finalizing the dates for the convention which will be held between 19th to 22nd February 2021. This is has been in consent across party lines.

Speaking at the program Dr. Mahat further said that “we will publish the entire details of the convention from ward to the federal level and make it public soon. Yesterday’s meeting also discussed increasing the organizational departments to accommodate and give responsibility to the maximum of our members which is our aim”.

(Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Joint General Secretary of Nepali Congress Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat)

“I do not see any reason for any disagreement. Yesterday’s meeting could not decide on the continuation of the student body National Student’s Union more discussions are ongoing”.

Dr, Mahat further clarified that there is no reason to dissent over any decision made by the central committee. “Tarun Dal has a 6-month extension, and this matter should not be blown out of proportion. There was also no reason to not attend the meeting. First, you boycott the meeting and then you say that you will not accept the decision taken by the committee, one should not be saying or doing such things. All the decisions that have been taken have kept the party’s leader’s aspirations and sentiments in mind. The ambiguities are now clear regarding convention and related issues”.

“The dissatisfaction that exists can be resolved through dialogue and discussion. We can debate on each issue and arrive at a specific resolution. Now the party will center its attention toward the corruption and high handedness of the ruling government”.

“The land of Nepal Trust that was given at lease is a well-planned corruption. We have to concentrate on the wrongdoings of this government. Within the party, all issues regarding the convention dates and other organizational disputes are going to be resolved, and senior leader Poudel has no reason to dissent”.

“Senior leaders Ram Chandra Poudel and Bimalendra Nidhi has been in continuous discussion regarding the organizational activities and providing further continuation. Nothing has gone wrong until now and we will continue holding discussions”.

Speaking about the agreement with the United States on the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) aid he said ” it was first signed under the NC government, and there is no reason for creating controversy and unnecessary dispute regarding the MCC. It will be a disaster not to accept the aid while making various excuses for not receiving it when we have such an opportunity to do so. The NCP government has to ratify the agreement and move forward with it”.

” This is one of the biggest aids we are receiving close to 60 billion Nepalese Rupees (NRs). This is being utilized in the development of road infrastructure and transmission lines according to the agreement. We cannot delay and keep this in oblivion” he said.

“It is not necessary to take the MCC agreement to the Parliament, but due to a provision in the agreement, it has to be ratified as given. This has to be done at the earliest. I have heard many saying that this is part of the Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS) but the IPS is not a military coalition”

“There are a lot of benefits to the MCC and it will be extremely helpful for the development of Nepal. We have an agreement on the Belt and Road initiative with China, I was the Minister of Foreign Affairs then when it was signed. We have always kept our national interests first when signing such agreements. We have to keep our national interest first”

“We had made a major mistake when the World Bank wanted to loan us the money for the Arun third project, and we are doing the same thing with the MCC. There is nothing in the MCC agreement that puts our National security at risk. This is purely for our development. Both India and China are not against the MCC and this is for the betterment of Nepal”.

“Nepali Congress is in favor of the MCC to be ratified by the Parliament. We were the ones who began taking the step toward getting the aid. It has to be ratified by the Parliament. Let us not politicize the MCC and waste this opportunity away”.

“The finances of the Nepal Trust and its property are being grossly misused by the current government. Be it Gokarna Resort land lease, or Kalimati land, Durbarmarg Land, or Lumbini, laws have been changed and decisions are taken to favor certain people. Gokarna Land lease agreement was extended by 25 years, these are resources of the government and the people which they have misused. The same thing has been done with the land agreement of Narayanhiti Royal Palace.

“We have to take the activities of the government with seriousness and caution. Our party will now protest inside the Parliament, Parliamentary Committee, and the streets. The government is withering away valuable property of the people for self-centered gains in petty amounts to select individuals. This will not be acceptable to us. With the backing of a majority and intimidating law, convoluting legal provisions to suit their needs for personal gains, decisions are being made in error” he said.