No credible reason for resignation, will continue with Parliament session: Deputy Speaker Tumbahamphe

KATHMANDU: Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) Shiva Maya Tumbahamphe is clear on not submitting her resignation from her post. The Deputy Speaker said that “a decision by the Nepal Communist Party central secretariat will not force her to resign”.

Speaking to the President of the Reporters Club and senior journalist Rishi Dhamala, Deputy Speaker Tumbahamphe also expressed grave dissatisfaction regarding the decision of her party. She also mentioned gender bias where the secretariat of the NCP has 9 male members.

There has not been a formal letter sent to her from the NCP central secretariat yet. She also informed of formally replying to the party when she receives the official letter.

“Am I a rapist or a corrupt individual? What is the reason for me to resign from my post? If I have underperformed they can approach the Parliamentary committee and initiate the process of impeachment” she challenged.

She was offered a ministerial berth in a meeting with party top brass Prime Minister K.P.Sharma Oli and former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal. She is ardent in sticking with her position, she explained.

The Deputy Speaker also said that she will move forward with the winter session of parliament, and proceed with the election of a new Speaker of the House. She also warned that if the NCP does not make a wise and timely decision then the post would go to the opposition party.