Man, who masturbated and ejaculated on a woman on a public bus, arrested after one year

Public bus scandal

KATHMANDU, Jan 14: Police have arrested Rabin Ruchal, who masturbated and ejaculated his semen on the back of a woman passenger’s hair in a public transport vehicle, on Monday. 

The Metropolitan Crime Division in coordination with Chitwan District Police arrested Ruchal from Chitwan.

The 21-year-old had shot the footage of his indecent sexual activity himself and shared it on the social network in January last year. The woman was sitting on the front row and was unaware of his activity. 

The video had gone viral and even found a space in several porn sites as well. 

Netizens had taken to social medial #StopMasturbating condemning the incident as “disgusting”, “sick” and demanding the perpetrator be punished for the sexual offence.

But he was at large since the video had not revealed any faces.

Ruchal had reportedly fled to India after getting hint of his arrest. After hiding in New Delhi and Kashmir for seven months, he had returned to his temporary residence in Bharatpur and hiding there until his arrest.

According to the police, Ruchal had made the video to make money from it.

A permanent residence of Arunodaya Rural Municipality-1 of Tanahu, Ruchal had been working as a rickshaw driver until last year.