Dignity for the dead: Activist Basnet to display dead bodies outside Parliament

REPORTERS CLUB EVENT: Social activist Binaya Jung Basnet has said that he will display unidentified and neglected dead bodies in front of the Parliament in Baneswor to get the attention of the government on the 18th of January.

Speaking at a press interaction program organized at the Reporters Club on Thursday, social activist Basnet has expressed deep grievance on the site of unidentified and neglected dead bodies.

Over the past 6 years, Basnet has been involved in organizing funerals for over 227 unidentified dead bodies performing their last rites. The government has not been paying attention to the situation.

Basnet said “the government has been disrespectful to the plight of the unidentified dead bodies. I have been trying to get the attention of the government toward this issue, but no one has acknowledged them, not the state or private institutions. I am really sad”

“In order to create awareness and responsibility toward the issue I am taking out a funeral procession from Lalitpur toward the Parliament Building in Baneswor, and I would put the bodies in open display for a few minutes for everyone to see. It is also an awareness to the Ministers and people in a high position to know that this type of death exists and to make them aware” he said.

According to Basnet the bodies will be kept on display in front of the Parliament house thereafter taken from Tinkune, Koteshwor, Singamangal, Gaushala to the Pashupati Aryaghat for the final rites. With the help of the Nepal Army, one of its units will help in the final rites along with the honor.

Participating in the funeral procession are famous Nepalese artists. The procession is said to begin tomorrow at 10 am concluding at 2 pm.

Artists that will be participating in the event are Deepak Raj Giri, Pal Shah, Manoj Gajurel, and Rekha Thapa. Noted political activist and Professor Dr. Surendra KC will also be a part of the procession along with Gyanendra Shahi.

Noted pop singer Dhiraj Rai will also be participating in the procession.

Basnet has also mentioned that he has received funds for the final rites and logistics from the administration of Patan Hospital, and Lalitpur Metropolitan Police.

Activist Basnet has been involved in providing respectful last rites to unidentified dead bodies.

“A single thought can change the life of a person, we have to help those unidentified,” he said. He has been receiving support for his cause from private individuals and artists, but he is dedicated and relentless for his service irrespective of whether the government provides assistance or not.

(Popular Nepali Pop Singer Dhiraj Rai)

Speaking at the press release popular singer Dhiraj Rai said ” was influenced by the work he did, and I have always been by his side. I am ready to help him in any which way. I will always be there to support him” he further clarified.