Fugitive and India’s most wanted Dawood Ibrahim’s business in Nepal

KATHMANDU: Dawood Ibrahim the most sought after criminal and fugitive by the Indian authorities has multiple businesses in Nepal sources reveal.

India’s most wanted who is in hiding switching places from Dubai and Pakistan according to sources has major businesses running in Kathmandu.

On 8th January Ijaz Yousuf Lakdawala was caught where the latter has numerous investments in the capital including hotels, real estate, and construction. The partnership includes well-known names of the Nepalese politicians it is said although specific names have not been revealed.

Lakdawala is said to be using finance given by Dawood Ibrahim in several construction companies that are operating in Nepal. It is said that Lakdawala has been looking after Dawood’s business since 2008. The latter has also been involved in various cross border trade in the Bihar border.

Lakdawala was caught in Bihar although sources say he was caught inside the borders of Nepal.

For the past two decades, Dawood has been the most sought after underworld fugitive, including Interpol and various international agencies for his numerous financial and organized crimes. India had also accused Pakistan of providing shelter and using him as a tool against India.

It is still unclear as to what the ongoing investigations will reveal and to what extent are the leaders of Nepal involved in a financial partnership of the said companies.