NCP Chairs’ agree on Speaker: Seek resignation of Deputy without validity

KATHMANDU: The ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Chairmen former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Prime Minister K.P.Sharma Oli has agreed on member of the  House of Representatives (HoR) Haribol Gajurel’s name as the Speaker of the HoR. The two Chairs were in constant discussion regarding the new speaker of the House and the winter session of the parliament has continuously been disrupted.

NCP wants its candidate for the post of the speaker which would require the Deputy Speaker Dr. Shiva Maya Tumbahamphe to resign from her position. Dr. Tumbahamphe has refused to resign due to a lack of credibility. The Deputy Speaker will continue in her position. Dr. Tumbahamphe has received support from women parliamentarians including the main opposition Nepali Congress (NC). There is no valid reason for the Deputy Speaker to resign from her position.

Both Chair Oli and Dahal had agreed on finalizing a name that was not discussed. Oli had proposed the name of Gajurel for the position according to sources in Baluwatar.

Before the unification of both parties, the position had gone to Dahals faction and the latter is insisting that the position should be given to them.

Agni Sapkota former from the erstwhile Maoist was also proposed but that led to a disagreement and hence could not be finalized. Oli had reasoned that a person who is facing a court trial should not be given the position of the Speaker. Gajurel is close to Dahal, and hence his name was finalized by both the leaders. Haribol Gajurel represents Sindhuli constituency and was also a former Minister of Agriculture.

It will be interesting to note whether he will be elected as the speaker as Article 91 of the Constitution clause 2 states “while electing Speaker and Deputy Speaker as per clause 1, either Speaker or Deputy Speaker shall be a woman and belong to different parties. Provided that, no more than one party is elected to the House of Representatives or does not seek to file its candidacy even when elected, nothing in this article shall bar from having Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the same party”.