The Country a mirror image of a criminal empire: Spokesperson Sharma lambasted the NCP

KATHMANDU: Spokesperson of the main opposition Nepali Congress Party (NC) Biswa Prakash Sharma has lambasted the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) for electing a murder accused as the Speaker of the House of Representative (HoR).

Spokesperson Sharma took to his social media page and criticized the move by the NCP to elect Agni Sapkota as the new Speaker.

Sharma also spoke about the statement made by NCP Chair on the occasion of Maghe Sankranti saying “one declares to take the blame for killing 5000 people and the other who is Speaker is a murder accused. The country is a mirror image of a criminal empire, loot as much as you can”.

The Parliament today went forward with the process of electing a new Speaker of the HoR, and Agni Sapkota who is accused of the murder of Arjun Lama of Kavre is the frontrunner for the post.

The Deputy Speaker of the House Dr. Shiva Maya Tumbahamphe resigned to pave way for the Dahal faction to field their candidate. The HoR has publicized the election process to be held on January 26th.