NCP government intoxicated in power, need retrospection: Former Minister Rana

REPORTERS CLUB EVENT: Former Minister and Chairman of Rashtriya Prajatantra Party Samyukta ( National Democratic Party United) Pashupati Sumsher Rana said that the government has to reflect on its work over the past two years.

Speaking at a press interaction program organized at the Reporters Club yesterday he also congratulated the new Speaker-elect of the House of Representative (HoR) .“I would like to congratulate Agni Sapkota because although from the NCP he is a representative of my district in Sindhupalchowk”

The program which was conducted by the President of the Reporters Club and senior journalist Rishi Dhamala posed a question regarding the Millennium Compact Corporation (MCC) an aid of 500 million dollars given by the government of the United States.

Former Minister Rana said “There have been a lot of discussions regarding the Millennium Compact Corporation (MCC). A lot of countries have provided the various types of aid to Nepal, including India, and the Belt and Road initiative (BRI) from China, and several other nations. Nepal has to take an approach of nationalist self-interest that will maximize the benefit for the nation”.

Talking about the current direction to where the Nation was heading and the work of the current government the former Minister said “the current Nepal Communist Party (NCP) government has received a majority and it is a very big opportunity for them that was given by the people of Nepal. The past two years have been wasted. Nothing has been done in the name of development. They are spending more time selecting posts for their party members. Rampant corruption is prevalent.  The Nepal Communist Party is intoxicated with its majority, and they feel they can do what they please”.

The former Minister also said that the government was not paying attention to developing the nation. “They should retrospect on the mandate given to them by the people and seriously audit what they have done the past two years being in power”.