NA Elections: NCP wins 16 seats, RJPN victorious in two

National Assembly Elections

KATHMANDU, Jan 23: The Nepal Communist Party (NCP) has registered a thumping majority winning 16 seats while Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN) has won two seats in the National Assembly (NA) elections, which was held today.

The RJPN had forged an electoral alliance with the ruling party in Province 2.

The opposition Nepali Congress (NC) party failed to win even a single seat, and now has seven fewer members in the upper house.


In Province 1, NCP candidates Gopi Achhami, Indira Gautam and Devendra Dahal have been elected as the NA members. Achhami got 6336 weight while his rivals Nir Bahadur BK of NC received 2718 and Gyan Bahadur Pariyar of Samajbadi Party got 664.

Victorious Gautam got a weightage of 6422. Dahal got 6234 while his rivals from NC, Devendra Ghimire got 2234 weight and Bharat Bahadur Dahal of Samajbadi got 264 weight.


In Province 2, Tulasa Kumari Dahal and Radheshyam Paswan of the ruling party and Shekhar Kumar Singh and Mrigendra Kumar Singh Yadav of RJPN were victorious.

According to the election office, Mrigendra got 5,400 votes while his nearest rival and brother Aniruddha Kumar Singh got 4,512 votes. Likewise, Shekhar obtained 5502 weightage to defeat NC’s Vola Panjyar who got 4512.

NCP’s Dahal defeated NC’s Nagina Yadav. Dahal got 5208 while Yadav got 4740 weightage. Likewise, Paswan received 5292 weight and his rival from Samajbadi got 4704 weightage.

NC and Samajbadi had fielded joint candidates in the province.


Ganga Kumari Belbase and Bedu Ram Bhusal of NCP were victorious in Bagmati Province. Belbase got 6828 weight to get elected as NA member. She defeated NC’s Chali Kumari Sharma and Nepal Labor and Peasant Party’s Gita Kafle.

Likewise, Bhusal received 6810 weight to defeat NC’s Hari Saran Shrestha and Peasant party’s Krishna Bahadur Tamang.


Narayan Kaji Shrestha and Bhagawati Neupane of the NCP were victorious from Gandaki State. Also the Spokesperson of the party, Shrestha achieved 3,462 votes while his nearest rival Surya Prasad Regmi of Nepali Congress got 2,244. Shrestha had lost the lower house election to Dr. Baburam Bhattarai from Gorkha-2 in the 2017 Elections.

Similarly, Neupane got 3,366 votes and her rival Bimala Gauchan of Nepali Congress achieved 2,340.


In Province 5, Bimala Ghimire, Jag Prasad Sharma and Gopal Bhattarai of NCP were victorious.

Ghimire defeated NC’s Girija Devi Neupane, Sharma defeated NC’s Meraj Ahmed Halwai and Samajbadi’s Suni Kumar Singh, and Bhattarai defeated NC’s Bal Krishna Neupane, Samajbadi’s Krishna Ahir and Rastriya Janamorcha’s Sihva Prasad Paudel.


In Karnali Province, Sumitra BC and Maya Prasad Acharya of the NCP and in Sudurpaschim Province Sarada Devi Bhatta and Tara Man Swar of the NCP got the victory.

Acharya received 3,618 votes to defeat her closest contender Dilli Ram Pathak who got 1,026 votes. According to election officer Dr. Rajendra Kumar Acharya, BC got 3,684 votes to be elected, defeating Ganesh Kumari Basket who bagged 1,026 votes. Likewise, Bhatta won garnering 3,738 weight while her closest rival was NC’s Tulasi Devkota got 1,854 votes, according to chief returning officer Bidur Kafley.

In Sudurpaschim, Bhatta got 3738 to get elected in women’s quota and Swar obtained 3720 weightage. Bhatta defeated NC’s Tulasa Devkota who received 1854 weightage. In other’s quota, NC’s Pratap Thagunna got 1842.

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