Former PLA members surround former PM’s residence demand retribution

REPORTERS CLUB EVENT: Former Maoist combatant group the Delegated People’s Liberation Army Nepal (DPLAN) has asked for the immediate cancellation of their badges that were given to them. They have asked for an official program where along with honor they ask for recognition certificate for their merit. They have also accused the current Minister of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Barshaman Pun ‘Ananta’ for playing a pivotal role in their unmet demands.

Speaking at a program organized at the Reporters Club yesterday DPLAN also made public its new office bearers concluding its 4th National Convention in the Capital at Sitapaila Party Palace.

DPLAN members have expressed deep dissatisfaction over the neglect of previous combatants. They seek recognition from the state for their role in the decade long civil war along with an official certification.

They have also asked to implement and put to practice past agreements of the Government of Nepal and the People’s Liberation Army. The Army Integration Special Committee (AISC) that oversaw the integration assured aid to those under 18 children providing for their rehabilitation. The former DPLAN members want this clause to be implemented with immediate effect.

DPLAN members have also demanded, “recommending for the fulfillment and protection of the outgoing combatants who had taken voluntary leave” according to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act.

They have also asked for policies and programs that would provide a relief package for the Delegated People’s Liberation Army and invest in appropriate sectors for long term management.

The former members of the People’s Liberation Army have also asked for medical aid to those injured in various rounds of conflict and protests that have taken place in the past. They have asked for healthcare and access to medical facilities for those with physical disabilities.

They have also asked for the immediate release of those who were arrested during the protests without conditions.

Speaking at the Reporters Club yesterday the elected office bearer from the 4th convention Chairman Ramesh Basel as asked that their demands be met immediately. The Chairman also clarified that they would be left with no option but to take legal remedies. “We would take legal remedies if our demands are not met. We can also take this to an international level” he said. Talking about the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), the former combatant said that ” in no way should the US assistance of MCC pass, we want an immediate withdrawal of the bill”.

(Executive Chairman Yogya Bahadur Karki aka Pradeep)

Speaking at the same program newly elected Executive Chairman Yogya Bahadur Karki aka Pradeep accused Minister Barshaman Pun of playing a pivotal role in not having their demands addressed. He said “The current Minister of Energy Barshaman Pun was the former Deputy Commander of the People’s Liberation Army. He was the one who was part of the negotiations and agreement. He understands that the agreements have not been implemented hence playing a pivotal role”.

Karki further stated “By providing a single person a job inside the Ministry wouldn’t do much good to the rest of the four thousand and nine members of DPLAN. Favoring only one individual wouldn’t provide a solution to the problem. I want the Minister to draw his attention to this regard”

Adviser and Coordinator Lal Chandra BK aka Duryodhan said that “we are against all treaties that are against our national interest, we will be cautious. Lal Chandra BK talking about the MCC said, “at no cost should the MCC pass from the Parliament”.

The program was coordinated by newly elected Chairman and Spokesperson Rajan Thapa aka Subas, who also read out the press release.

Earlier yesterday the members of the Delegated People’s Liberation Army had surrounded the residence of former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda who was also the Chief Commander of the PLA. 200 former members of the PLA surrounded the residence of former PM Dahal to voice their demands.

Leading the protest and finally allowed a hearing the in charges of the struggle committee Rajan Thapa and Asim Limbu met the former PM, while the latter assured seriousness and attention toward their demands. He also assured them of a resolution to address their grievances at the earliest.

(Members of DPLAN surround the residence of former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal)