Development bringing destruction: Former President Yadav

BHAKTAPUR, Jan 26: Former President Rambaran Yadav has warned of the crisis arising from the destruction of the natural heritage being caused in the name of development.

Addressing the 10th anniversary of the Rabindra Puri Foundation for Conservation on Saturday, he expressed concern over the depleting agro production in the Terai and drying up of water sources across the country.

On the occasion, centenary person Satya Mohan Joshi lauded the contribution made by Rabindra Puri to the protection of ancient heritage. Standing of tall buildings without any uniqueness to them is like a body without the soul, he said.

At the function, chair of the foundation Rabindra Puri announced donation of 200 million rupees to the foundation. He said the foundation will work on reviving traditional homes and structure and providing skills-oriented training to one thousand people every year. RSS