Joining Oli-government “not primary concern” for RJPN

RJPN-Samajbadi unification prospects


KATHMANDU, Jan 30: Mahendra Raya Yadav insisted the Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN) has no desire to join the government led by the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) amid rumors the two parties, who dramatically announced electoral alliance ahead of the National Assembly Elections and won 16-2 seats, are in the play to change the Province 2 government.

The RJPN-NCP alliance hours later the Samajbadi Party led by Upendra Yadav pulled out of the government led to many speculations of possible government change in Province 2. The province has the RJPN-Samajbadi alliance government following their victory in the 2017 Elections.

“Our party has not discussed the issue yet. Therefore, the RJPN’s chances of joining the government led by Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli are very thin,” said party’s presidium member Yadav at a face-to-face interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Thursday.

“Neither have we talked the issue with the prime minister,” he added.

“It is not our priority”.

However, Yadav did not rule out the possibility, if the government addresses his party’s “primary” concerns, which include constitution amendment and release of its leaders arrested during the Madhesh-Tharuhat agitation that broke out after the Constitution of Nepal came into effect in 2015, withdrawal of criminal charges against them and helping in the medical treatment of the injured.

The Madhes-based party has serious reservations toward the constitution, which according to them, has failed to address the concerns of Madhesi and marginalized people.

The party had in March last year had withdrawn its support given to the government accusing the latter of failing to keep its promise of constitution amendment.

“We still mark Ashoj 3 (the constitution came into effect on Sept 20, 2015) as the black day,” said Yadav.

“But if our demands are met, it could create a different atmosphere,” he added.

“Then, we will discuss our next move.”


Yadav also clarified that the RJPN has not bargained for the position of the Deputy Speaker. Reports have assumed that the NCP will give the position to the RJPN, who had seconded the candidacy of Agni Sapkota in the Speaker’s election. Sapkota was elected as the Speaker of the House of Representatives unopposed on Jan 26 since he was the single applicant for the position.

“We have not demanded the position of deputy speaker. Neither have we understood why the ruling party wants to give the post to us,” he said.

“We cannot compromise the sacrifice and dream of our martyrs for any position or power,” he furthered.

“We will not give our support back to the government unless our demands are met first.”


Yadav also said his party is close to unification with the Samajbadi.

“A negotiation team is still working on a possible merger. We have established consensus on our philosophy, new party’s name, election symbol and party flag.”

“We are discussing leadership management now.”

“We have very close to unification,” he furthered.

(Reporting and Written by Dil Kumar Ale Magar)