Upendra Yadav warns fresh protest if constitution not amended

Upendra Yadav, CK Raut, Government-CK Raut agreement

GAIGHAT, Feb 4: Samajbadi Party Chair Upendra Yadav warned his party would start a fresh protest if the government keeps ignoring their concerns of the constitution amendment.

Addressing a two-day cadres meeting of the party in Gaighat, Udyapur, the former deputy prime minister said they would start a peaceful demonstration to exert pressure on the government to amend the constitution.

Samajbadi has been expressing serious reservations over the Constitution of Nepal since it was promulgated in 2015, saying the constitution has failed to address the concerns of Madhesi and indigenous people.

In late December, Yadav had resigned from his position as deputy prime minister and law minister the government failed to address the issues raised during the Madhes movement by amending the constitution.

He tendered his resignation after Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli rejected his proposal to form an expert recommendation committee to do homework for the constitution amendment during a cabinet meeting.

“Although the government promised to address our demands by amending the constitution, it has not fulfilled its promise, which is why we are compelled to start a fresh and peaceful protest, said Yadav.