Domestic helper kills former secretary’s wife in broad daylight

LALITPUR, Feb 10: Former Government Secretary Arjun Karki’s wife was murdered in broad daylight on Monday.

According to police preliminary investigation, Muna Adhikari was murdered by her won domestic helper Bijay Chaudhari using a plastic stool at her residence in Sanepa.

The police had recovered CCTV footage from her house, which according to the police, shows that Chaudhary, strangled her with a rope and brings her to the kitchen floor before hitting her with the plastic stool until she loses her conscious.

Chaudhary then kills himself.

Muna was found lying unconscious and covered in a pool of blood at her house when Karki returned from Pashupatinath temple.

The police had rushed her to Star Hospital but the doctors pronounced her dead about an hour later.

A joint team from Metropolitan Police Range, Lalitpur and Metropolitan Crime Division, Kathmandu is carrying out further investigation into the case.