PM should implement secretariat’s decision to nominate Gautam as NA member: Dahal

NCP conflict

CHITWAN, Feb 28: Nepal Communist Party Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ believes Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli will recommend Bam Dev Gautam for the National Assembly as decided by the party secretariat.

“The party secretariat unanimously decided to nominate Gautam as the NA member. The prime minister must abide by the decision and he will,” said Dahal speaking at a press conference organized by Press Organization Chitwan in Bharatpur on Friday.

The conflict among the top guns of the ruling party has reached at its peak of late after the party secretariat nominated Gautam to the upper house against the will of PM Oli, who wants to renominate Finance Minister Khatiwada.

Oli has already informed that he had already forwarded Khatiwada’s name to the Office of President for nomination.

“Khatiwada can continue heading ministry for at least six months even if he is not renominated,” Dahal added.

When asked what happens if the prime minister does not recommend Gautam to the upper house, he said, “Let’s not talk about that. I cannot believe the prime minister will disobey the decision of secretariat meeting we both chaired.”

Dahal had lobbied for the constitution amendment making Gautam eligible to become the prime minister. However, the planned three-member task force was dissolved before it was formed owing to public outcry and criticisms within the party.

Gautam had also put forth the condition of the constitutional amendment when the party asked him to become the upper house member.

“The last secretariat meeting removed such condition,” said Dahal.

Dahal also denied reports that he and some secretariat members held meeting with some industrialists before nominating Gautam.

“The reports are baseless. I will congratulate them if anyone brings proof about the meeting,” he said.