Niece Samikshya Sangraula donating kidney to Oli


KATHMANDU, March 2: Samiskhya Sangraula Gyawali is donating her kidney to Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli, who is undergoing a second kidney transplant on Wednesday.

Sangraula, 32, is a niece by relation to Oli. She is from Jhapa. 

The 69-year-old prime minister will be admitted to the TU Teaching Hospital in Maharajgunj today.

This the second time the prime minister is undergoing a kidney transplant.

Previously, he had undergone a kidney transplant at the Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, India in 2007, after both his kidney stopped functioning. Oli’s sister-in-law Anjana Ghimire had donated him her kidney then.

The doctors had advised the prime minister to undergo the second transplant after his transplanted kidney showed signs of dysfunction.

Sangraula’s right 10.2 x 3.8 cm kidney will be transplanted to Oli, according to hospital sources.

A team of doctors led by urologist Dr. Prem Raj Gyawali have been assigned to perform the surgery.

His team comprises of four other doctors from the hospital.

They are also planning to call a surgeon from Apollo hospital involved in Oli’s first kidney transplant, which is be decided in a meeting today afternoon, according to Gyawali. 

Photo: Agency