Will return to work soon, says Prime Minister

K P Oli at TUTH

KATHMANDU, March 6: Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli Friday said his health is fast improving and he will return to work very soon.

The 69-year-old prime minister had undergone a successful second kidney transplantation at the TU Teaching Hospital on Wednesday, and has shown a visible improvement in his health.

His kidney has started functioning normally and both vital signs and lab indicators are normal. He also started eating liquid and soft food.

“I got an opportunity to meet the prime minister for the first time after surgery. He told me to spread message that his health is improving fast and he will return to work soon,” tweeted PM’s Chief Advisor Bishnu Rimal after visiting the prime minister at the hospital.

Urologist Dr. Prem Raj Gyawali, who performed surgery on the prime minister, said Oli will probably be discharged by next Monday.

“If his health keeps improving, he will be discharged by Monday next week. He has started talking. But he is still prone to infection. Therefore, only a few visitors including his spouse Radhika Shakya have been allowed to visit him,” Gyawali told Reporters Club.

“Even after he is discharged, he will have to rest for at least three more weeks,” he added.

The donor, Samikshya Sangraula’s health is also normal, according to him.

“She will be discharged in a couple of days,” he said.