Man suspected of COVID-19 isolated at Mechi Hospital as more cases feared


KATHMANDU, March 24: A man has been placed in isolation at the Mechi Zonal Hospital in Bhadrapur in suspicion of harboring COVID-19.

He is likely to test positive for the virus since he traveled to Nepal from Qatar on the same flight the 19-year-old girl came to Kathmandu. The girl was tested positive for the coronavirus on Monday, Nepal’s second confirmed case. She is receiving treatment at the Shukraraj Tropical Hospital in Teku.

However, the test results of his swab samples will likely delay because the hospital was “unable to send his sample to Kathmandu due to suspension of all domestic flights since the entire nation is under a week-long lockdown”, said Medical Superintendent Dr. Pitambar Thakur.


District authorities fear more infections as 16 Nepalis who came to Nepal from India and 40 coming from various countries are in home-quarantine.

Likewise, a 27-year-old man who had recently returned from Qatar on Thursday has been taken to Koshi Zonal Hospital in Biratnagar after he complained of high fever and cough, according to a report.

Also, a man who was admitted to Bharatpur Corona Special Temporary Hospital in Chitwan has died today.

Santos Yadav, from Birgunj, was referred to the corona hospital by Chitwan Medical College after he showed symptoms similar to COVID-19, according to the hospital.

“The 30-year-old resident from Jagannanathpur had lupus and weak kidneys and was suffering from fever and pneumonia when he visited the hospital after Chitwan Medical College referred him here,” stated the hospital in a press release.

“He was admitted to ICU on Tuesday after his respiratory system severed. He died at 9:30 am today.”

However, the hospital is yet to confirm whether he could be the first coronavirus casualty of Nepal as his swab samples, which was sent to National Public Health Laboratory on Monday, are yet to be tested positive.

“His swab samples have been sent to Kathmandu,” the hospital stated.

The virus has killed nearly 17,000 people and infected more than 380,000 people worldwide.