Man who died at Corona Hospital tests negative for virus


CHITWAN, March 25: A man who died at the Bharatpur Corona Special Temporary Hospital on Tuesday has tested negative for coronavirus.

Santos Yadav was taken to the corona hospital from Chitwan Medical College after he suffered from fever and pneumonia, symptoms similar to COVID-19. He was admitted to ICU after his respiratory system severed but passed away at 9:30 am on Tuesday morning.

His swab samples were sent to the National Public Health Laboratory for suspected coronavirus disease. But the lab confirmed that his test results were negative, according to the hospital.

The cause of his death could be lupus, a long-term autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue as the hospital, after his death, had stated that the 30-year-old man from Birgunj was also suffering from the autoimmune disease and had weak kidneys.

Bharatpur Hospital In-charge Medical Superintendant Dr. Shreeram Tiwari said that along with him four other quarantined persons in the corona hospital whose swab samples were sent to Kathmandu were also tested negative.