Five who came by Qatar Airways test negative for COVID-19


CHITWAN, March 29: Five returnees from Chitwan who had come to Nepal via Qatar Airways have been tested negative to COVID-19. They had shared the plane with the lady who tested positive for the coronavirus.

The sample sent by Bharatpur Corona Special Hospital to the National Laboratory of Teku, Kathmandu, was found negative to the coronavirus, said Dr. Bhojraj Adhikari, spokesperson at the Hospital.

Bhuwan Koirala and his wife Sanju Koirala, Suresh Gurung, Shambhu Nepali and his spouse had come on the flight. They had reached the Corona Special Hospital at the request of District Administration Office, Chitwan. They were admitted to the Hospital and their swab samples were sent to Kathmandu for the test.

Among six persons- all from Bharatpur metropolis and coming to Nepal from abroad, one had stayed in Kathmandu. All of them were negative to the deadly coronavirus.

They have been sent back to homes.