KMC to feed stray animals and birds during lockdown

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KATHMANDU, March 31: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has decided to feed the stray animals and birds during the nationwide lockdown.

As the fears of spread of COVID-19 disease grow, the government on Sunday extended the lockdown until April 7 after the fifth case was confirmed by the Health Ministry.

As people are confined to their homes and all stores, hotels and restaurants closed since March 24, the start of lockdown, the stray animals especially street dogs and birds have starved.

The Metropolitan will arrange foods to feed the starving animals, and for this, the fund it has sent to the wards will be used.

“The KMC has released extra funds of Rs 400 thousand to the large wards, Rs 300 thousand to the medium wards and more money to the smaller wards to be used for relief and associated works,” Mayor Shakya said.

“More money will be added to these funds if required,” he added.

A meeting held on Monday has also endorsed the COVID-19 Relief Distribution Standard, 2076 BS.

“The helpless, destitute and daily wage-earners living in the inner areas of KMC are in problem without food and essentials at present. This standard has been passed to provide a similar type of relief to all the needy people and families after their identification,” he added.

According to Mayor Shakya, the meeting decided to move forward in consultation with the bodies concerned to reach foodstuff to the homes of the needy and to make the supply system smooth and easier.

Likewise, the meeting has decided to look for space for building quarantine facilities that can accommodate up to 500 people. It has also decided to make the technology-based system more effective for monitoring the COVID-19 situation.

The Metropolitan has stated that it would adopt stringent measures to reduce the movement of people in the inner parts of the city.

(With inputs from RSS, Photo: Amit Shrestha/Facebook)