Ward chairs fined for defying lockdown orders

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BAJHANG, April 10: Bajhang District Administration Office has taken action against nine including four ward chairs for organizing religious fair Chaitali Mela on Monday in Chhabis Pathibhara rural municipality during the lockdown. The festival was attended by nearly 300 people.

The district authorities had arrested them on the charge of defying lockdown and handed Ward 2 Chair Bikash Ayidi, Ward 3 Chair Keshav Raj Joshi and Ward 4 Chair Amar Raj Thapa a sentence of one month in jail and Rs 100 in fine. They were released after they agreed to pay Rs 300 for each day of the sentence.

Ward 5 Chair Lokendra Bahadur Thagunna and Banni Masta Temple Conservation Committee Secretary Rajendra Bahadur Singh were handed seven days of imprisonment and Rs 100 fine. They too were released after paying fine.

Nepal’s law allows one sentenced to less than one year of imprisonment to free himself paying Rs 300 for each day of sentence.