15 Nepalis have died of coronavirus in US so far


KATHMANDU, April 29: A Nepali died of coronavirus in the United States on Tuesday.

He has been identified as Mahesh Panthi living at Virginia State. He was admitted to the hospital on April 8.

So far, the number of Nepalis losing life to coronavirus in US has reached 15.

Of them, 12 died in New York, two in Colorado and one in Virginia. However, state delegate of Maryland, Harry Bhandari said there is no strong basis to prove that all 15 of them died from coronavirus infection as some of the deaths are caused by heart attack due to physiological panic.

Coordinator at the NRN Global Health Committee, Dr Sanjeev Sapkota, informed that a total of 54 Nepalis living in US, UK, UAE, Turkey, Ireland, Netherlands and Japan have died from corornavirus so far. RSS