PM slams “some” media for publishing news aimed at pushing the nation toward instability

KATHMANDU, May 1: Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli on Friday criticized “some” mass media and social network for publishing news reports that are aimed at pushing the nation toward instability.

In the end of a video message to the nation on the occasion of Labor Day, the prime minister, who has long faced criticism for trying to curb press freedom, said: “It is apparent that some mass media and social network have been publishing news reports that attempt to push the nation toward instability against stability, permanence, and development.”

“At the time when the nation and the entire world is fighting against the coronavirus, such effort of instability made taking the advantage of the situation is sad,” he added.

“It is unacceptable to the government, Nepal Communist Party cadres and the people.”

He extended best wishes to all the workers inside the country and abroad on the occasion of May Day and noted that this year we are celebrating the Day in a different circumstance as the world of labor is under a lockdown and the government is focused on resolving the crisis created by the global pandemic which has affected 210 countries across the globe.

“The lockdown is a global phenomenon and is necessary to contain the virus.”

“Today’s reality has made it clear that the capital and the technology without labor is meaningless.”

“I am sad to learn about the difficult life of workers due to the reduced income resulted by the closure of business and industries. I am informed about the Nepali migrant workers stranded in various countries due to the coronavirus crisis and expressed solidariity with them.”

“Our economy had been moving on trajectory of rapid development since the last two years. High understanding had been maintained between the industrialists and workers both sides with the government’s coordination. Due to this understanding, the minimum wage of the workers had increased by 39 per cent, the highest increase in history. Our economic growth rate had been increasing by double digit and the government had doubled the budget to the labor sector in the second year compared to the first year,” the PM added.

“Employment equivalent to 2.2 million work days had been created in the last two years through the Prime Minister Employment Program. There were other schemes as well to increase employment and for supporting the social security of workers. Employment equivalent to at least 100 days was guaranteed in a year. Labor agreements were signed with various countries and simplified technology-based labour services were started. Skill development and entrepreneurship promotion programs targeting the unemployed were operated.”

“But now we are in the fight against the global pandemic. And our focus is centered on facing the problems created by the pandemic,” he added.

“Our first aim is make the society free of virus.”