Govt has lost moral ground to rule the country, says NC Prez Deuba

coronavirus, budget session

KATHMANDU, May 8: Main opposition party Nepal Congress President Sher Bahaur Deuba said the government led by Nepal Communist Party has lost the moral grounds to rule the country.

Speaking at the first meeting of the budget session at the federal parliament building on Friday, Deuba expressed his dissatisfaction with the “embarrassing” activities of the government at the time of coronavirus crisis and called the government a “failure”.

“It is sad and embarrassing that the COVID-19 combat materials and other equipment are in short supply. Failure to manage the essential materials in time, lack of transparency in the procurement of medical equipment and purchasing the medical materials at a higher price than the usual market price is condemnable. Questions have been raised about the procured materials. I request the government to relive the culprits from duties and punish them,” said Deuba.

“The government showed its undemocratic side by introducing the two ordinances going against the spirit of the constitution.”

“At a time when the oppositions and the entire citizens are fighting against the virus, the move to push the party splitting ordinance and conspiring to finish the pride of the Constitutional Council clearly describe the prime minister’s ill intention,” he added.

“The kidnapping of a lawmaker is the government’s other unfortunate activity. I condemn the incident and demand action against those involved in the crime.”

“Also, the government has failed to work wisely and responsibly to prevent and control the pandemic, neither the government has been successful to make the people realize that they have their government in the time of crisis. The government does not have any plans to rescue the Nepali citizens stranded across the globe,” Deuba furthered.

“The Nepali Congress takes such issues seriously and concludes that the government has lost its moral and political ground to govern the country”.