Govt efforts effective in controlling COVID-19 pandemic: President Bhandari

Govt policies and programs fiscal year 2020/21

KATHMANDU, May 15: President Bidya Devi Bhandari said the timely efforts the government took to control the novel coronavirus pandemic has remain effective.

Nepal has confirmed 258 cases of coronavirus so far, with no casualties yet and the infection rate of the pandemic is still lower in comparison to many other countries and in South Asia.

But almost every sector remains shut and thousands have lost their jobs as the country is under a nationwide lockdown since March 24.

“The priority of the government in the upcoming fiscal year would be to minimize the threat of the COVID-19 and make the country free of it,” said the president while unveiling the government’s policies and programs for the upcoming fiscal year 2020/21 at the joint meeting of the federal parliament on Friday.

“The government has expanded the scope of testing and has applied several measures to prevent the spread and transmission of the pandemic. And the government’s efforts have remained effective.”

“The government is assessing the impact of the pandemic in the society and the economy of the country. The government’s priority at present is the protection of the human race and values. Restoration of health, education, employment and economy are the priorities of the government,” she added.