Government vows to complete remaining works of peace process

Govt policies and programs fiscal year 2020/21

KATHMANDU, May 16:The government is to make the justice administration efficient and promote an accessible justice system.Addressing the joint meeting of both houses of the Federal Parliament on Friday while presenting the government’s plan and programmes for the fiscal year 2020/21, President Bidya Devi Bhandari stated that the government would implement the fourth five-year strategic plan of the judiciary and promote an accessible justice system.

“The remaining works of the peace process and transitional justice would be completed. Arrangements would be made for the medical treatment of people injured in course of the people’s movement and the conflict period in the past and who need additional treatment. Provisions would be made for making technology, training and financial access available to provide employment and self-employment opportunities to the people injured and rendered physically handicapped in course of the past movements and conflict,” the government’s policy and programmes states.
The government’s policy and programmes states that all the security bodies, including the Nepali Army, would be made professional, capable and highly motivated by providing the necessary resources, while the security personnel shall be made proficient by providing regular training.

Similarly, it is also stated in the policy and programmes that necessary preparations would be completed for operating the National Defence University and the production of military hardware would be increased at the national level. It is stated that the ‘national unification trail’ would be conserved and protected.

Likewise, the government’s policy and programmes document states that the National Planning Commission (NPC) would be centred on evaluation and research of development policies, programmes and projects. It is stated that the national census, the national living standard measurement survey, industrial census and happiness survey would be conducted in the next year.RSS