Balance between rights and duties makes republic meaningful: PM Oli

Republic Day

KATHMANDU, May 28: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that a judicious balance between rights and duties alone made the republic successful and meaningful. He said so in a message of best wishes he gave today on the occasion of the Republic Day.

Stating government’s efforts were centered on making the republic complete in every aspect, PM Oli recalled that this day on which the people had become sovereign in the true sense as an important, unforgettable and a great day for celebration in the country’s political history.

“The republic is the rule of the people through people themselves and by means of the republics. It is a system of governance that is operated for the people, by the will of the people keeping the people in the center. The republic cannot take a meaningful form until the people became capable of exercising the rights mentioned in the constitution and laws,” the PM stated in the message.

Noting that the republic was the indigenous system of Nepali society, he said but this system collapsed in the passage of time and gross undemocratic systems were evolved and established after that with the start of the feudalism in which rulers became instituted on the basis of their birthright, they ruled on hereditary principle and their commands became the laws. “We have connected to an important link of history by putting to an end this feudalistic system that went on for about 2,000 years and have developed the republic system,” he added.

Stating that any form of the unelected regime has been put to an end in Nepal at present and the country’s governance system has been operated as per the constitution made by the representatives elected by the people, the Prime Minister said the people’s rights, supreme interests and aspirations have been reflected in the constitution.

“These achievements that we have made with the establishment of the republic are prestigious and of long-term significance. However, we should not rest becoming immersed in these laurels alone. The republic is the highest form of achievement of the democratic movement. It can be sustainable only when we are able to develop a prosperous and more advanced system by linking this epochal political change with the all-round dimensions of social life. We have been moving ahead all the three dimensions of social justice, good governance and prosperity in a balanced way in order to strengthen the democratic republic,” PM Oli said.

Reiterating that the republic was not merely a government system but also a new civilization, culture and social lifestyle, he said it was a system with prosperity based on social justice and equality as well. “Therefore, no any discrimination against any community including women, Dalits and deprived communities as well as disparity, unequal treatment, and practice of caste discrimination against any person based on race, caste, religion or any other grounds would be acceptable and tolerated in a republic,” PM Oli asserted in the message.

He has also called upon the entire nation to be united and focus attention to ensuring happiness and prosperity of the people as well as on stability when the country is affected by the coronavirus pandemic. RSS