Constitution Amendment Bill on new Nepal map published in Nepal Gazette

New Nepal Map

KATHMANDU, June 1: The government has published the Nepal Constitution (second amendment) Bill-2077 BS in the Nepal Gazette.

The Bill was published in the Nepal Gazette for public information in accordance with the constitution.

The government has already published an updated map of the country and the Bill aims to adjust the new map inside the Coat-of-Arms featured in the Schedule-3 of the constitution.

Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Dr. Shiva Maya Tumbahangphe on Sunday presented the Bill in the House of Representatives. The document was registered in the Federal Parliament by the government on May 22.

The constitution requires the publication of a bill for its amendment in the Nepal Gazette to inform the general public within the thirty days of its introduction in the concerned House.

The Federal Parliament Secretariat has also published the document in the Gorkhapatra Daily, and disseminated it through the Radio Nepal and the Nepal Television.

According to Federal Parliament Secretariat Spokesperson Dr. Rojanath Pandey though the publication/dissemination of the Bill was not for seeking people’s submissions, but if the public has any queries about it, they can put it through people’s representatives.

The Bill will be presented to the HOR for a decision after seven days. It requires the completion of several phases and processes to present the Bill for the decision.

The Bill will enter the National Assembly as it gets endorsement by a two-thirds majority in the HoR. It shall be passed by the NA by a two-thirds vote as in the HoR.

Finally, it shall be presented to the President for assent. It shall be certified by the President within the 15 days of its presentation and come into effect since the day of authentication. RSS