Govt pledges to implement social security scheme in integrated way

KATHMANDU, June 17: The government has pledged to implement social security and protection program in an integrated way.

Responding to the queries at today’s National Assembly meeting on various subjects under the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security in the Appropriation Bill, 2077, Minister Rameshwor Yay Yadav said all foreign employment goers in informal or informal job sectors would be brought under the integrated structure of the social security scheme based on their contribution.

Preparations were underway to bring those workers in agriculture under this scheme, he said. Data of agricultural workers would be collected through a worker’ information bank, he said.

“This will be a new campaign for agricultural workers.” Stating that the government was at work to set up a workers’ data bank, he said, this bank would link unemployed people to the job opportunities.

The ministry has focused on creating additional job opportunities in coordination with stakeholders including the Ministries of Agriculture and Livestock Development and Forest and Environment, he said. Saying efforts were underway to end child labor at all local levels, he added the child labor all types would be eradicated by 2085 BS.

Arrangements have been made for foreigners to get work permit compulsorily to work in Nepal, he said, adding that rescue operation of those Nepalis trapped in foreign countries due to COVID-19 pandemic would continue.

Data collection of those Nepalis who returned home from jobs in foreign countries has begun for jobs, he said. Budget worth Rs 14.2 billion has been allocated for the Ministry for the upcoming fiscal year, 2020/21. RSS