Time – an illusion

No one can exactly say what happens when time completely passes. World without a time is unimaginable. Physics without time is impossible. How many of you would agree with me if I say time is not real. It’s just a fiction created by human to interpret and do thing, right things at the right moment. It’s debatable, right? Some of u might say that I’m super crazy or maybe some psycho creature who thinks time is not real. Well let me tell you my friend, time has never been real, it’s never been with you through the whole life you have lived until now. Rings a bell, right? The concept of time is self-evident i.e. time itself is the evident of time being there. An hour consists of a certain number of minutes, a day of hours and a year of days. But we rarely think about the fundamental nature of time.
It makes me wonder how we humans being the superior living creature of all the beings are so dependent upon time. Every time we say, “my time will come”, “time doesn’t wait anyone”, “my time is running bad”, “we are having the best time of our life”, “complete your work on time” I wonder why has time made us so dependent on it. According to quantum mechanics no events in this world happens according to time. Everything that’s going on around is a random events. Well what I mean to say is that, you aren’t ageing according to the serial age of yours. Let me give an example… suppose you are 22 years old right now, next year you will be 23 and another year 24 and go on and some day you will old enough that you can’t even remember your first child name. It’s called ageing according to time. That’s what we think will happen to you. Everything perfectly according to time, right? Well my friend let me enlighten you that this is not what happens according to quantum mechanics. Everything happens randomly, more like a random events.
Ha-ha don’t know what I started to say while I was talking about time being an illusion, I started to say about quantum mechanics. I don’t why but I always have this feeling that time and quantum mechanics is deeply related to each other. Well I will discuss more about quantum mechanics in my next write. Let me go back to the growing topic of today i.e. time being an illusion. Our perceptions doesn’t always flow with the physical reality. Most of the scholars in the world thinks that the reality is just a network of random events on which we difference it according to past, present and future which we connect to time being emerge. Einstein believed that time is just a fourth dimension (world having only three dimension; proven) and explains that the events of time i.e. present, past and future are not always well defined. Any two events occurring might or might not always happen in one order.
The basic concept of time is simply made up illusion by humans to remember the memories that are connected to us. Everything that is happening right now is the flow of events that will basically past forward with the relative of illusion made up by humans known as “TIME”. Time is constantly passing nonstop as we follow clocks and calendars. But don’t know what time looks like in microscopic level or cannot do any experiments with it. And still it keeps passing by, no one can exactly say what happens when time passes.Let me go back to the brief history of time. Ha-ha ‘brief history of time’ time comes along time and me talking a time to explain a time; quite interesting, right? It is believed what there was no space and time before Big Bang event. So basically the origin of time is as old as the beginning of universe i.e. 15 billion years ago. Egyptians created a water clock during 1500 BC which is believed to be first clock that response to the motion of events passing by. Have you ever wonder if there is end of time? And what will happen when it ends. Well, no one knows when time will end but many scholars believe that there is 50 percent change time will come to an end and no one knows what will happen when time ends. I personally believe that things will start to freeze and gradually end the world and new era will begin. Never know what will happen and unluckily no one of us will be there to observe this strange event.
Writter : Nawang Waiba Lama