Tourism Industry And COVID 19

The young and acute personality, Rechard Banjara is the man with dedication and hard work. Grew up in the lap of the Himalayas and the district of the hill, he always wonder exploring the scenarios and pristine snow of Himalayas throughout the world and international guest. He was so passionate regarding travelling and exploring the destination through his childhood and he finally decides to turn his passion into profession. With continuous research and burning aspiration, he stepped his foot on the tourism industry. His remarkable number of successful treks in various regions of Nepal makes him more encouraged and passionate about his profession. Finally due to his ambition, after his continuous 8 years trekking guide experience and dedication towards it. He successfully becomes the CEO of his own trekking agency ‘Himalaya Land Treks & Expedition’.

According to him, “we were planning for rapid development of tourism industry and officially came up with the opening of visit Nepal 2020, the pandemic COVID- 19 put a stop to our travel plan”. We are running lockdown throughout the country and its fourth months of lockdown but slowly and gradually, the number of Nobel cases of COVID 19 is decreasing and people are getting well recovered. Due to this positive vibes, most of the travelling agencies are well started and back to their profession. With a lot of new policy and safety precautions, Nepal is inviting international guests too. Banjara also said that “beneath of all these, Nepal is a small yet beautiful country filled with the countless amazing travel destination. Travelling and exploring destination is everyone’s dream and hobby. Lots of people enjoy travelling”. Banjara put light on Nepal being next travelling destination for all of us post-COVID 19. The satisfaction of thrilling adventure like Paragliding, Hot air balloon, Bungee jumping, White water rafting, Mountain biking, Zip flying, Rock climbing etc can only entertain a lot throughout one’s journey with safety measures and well manage equipment here in Nepal.


“The decreasing number of COVID 19 cases and an increasing number of well recovered has inspired all of us to be back in our profession,” he said. Banjara also said that “Nepal government should follow the protocols regarding international and national health issues and information given by WHO.” He opined that the government should now go to the developed countries of the world for the promotion of Nepalese tourism and also provide health care to tourist in order to attract foreign tourist to Nepal. In his view “To make tourism more effective, the government has to allocate more and more budget for the tourism sector. We need to mobilize transport for tourist as well as provide safe hotels for accommodation and food.” He also said, “Government of Nepal should take initiative to address the declining economic growth rate as soon as possible as Nepal’s economy is completely dependent on tourism business.”