No irrigation for lack of budget

KATHMANDU, June 20 : The locals from Tripurasundari-9 and 10 in the district have been worried again as the proposed irrigation project was not completed this year too.

The District Agriculture Office had provided Rs 2.5 million for the construction of the irrigation project, but in vain. As the budget was insufficient, the construction could not be completed on time. The locals here therefore demanded the government to provide the additional budget to ensure irrigation facility.

Ram Prasad Khatri from Chu of Tripurasundari-9 said, “If the government had allocated adequate budget, the irrigation could be completed. We expect it by the next year.”
Rs 2.5 million was sufficient to ensure irrigation only in two wards. Additional Rs 2 million was necessary to complete the project.

Consumers rights committee Chair Lal Bhakta Bohara reminded that although efforts were made to create a canal from Gabu stream, it was not impossible. He however hoped that the project could gain pace now onwards. RSS