Nepal-Korea Friendship Hospital begins PCR tests

KATHMANDU, June 22 : The Nepal-Korea Friendship Hospital run by Madhyapur Thimi Municipality has received approval for the PCR lab operation for the testing of coronavirus infection.


National Public Health Laboratory on Monday issued an approval for the hospital to conduct the PCR test, Mayor of the municipality and Chairman of the Hospital Management Committee Madan Sundar Shrestha said.
The approval was received from the National Public Health Laboratory’s Director Dr Runa Jha.


The Municipality has run the PCR lab and tests of 771 individuals were conducted but confusion was surrounded for lack of approval.

Mayor Shrestha said that all infrastructures were prepared as per the WHO standard and the approval was obtained after monitoring from the experts for three times.

With this, the swab tests of the suspected would be held in the hospital from Tuesday.

The Hospital is now the first health institution in Bhaktapur district to begin the test of coronavirus.

Likewise, the Municipality has also readied the lab, ambulance, isolation and quarantine facility as its preparations against the Covid-19.

“We have kept the team of 26 doctors and consultant doctors in alert for 24 hours with residential service,” Mayor Shrestha said. RSS