APF continues to check border entrants and take to quarantines

KATHMANDU, June 24 : The Armed Police Force deputed along the Nepal-India border against the coronavirus has continued its campaign to take control and quarantine the individuals covertly entering Nepal without any permission.
The campaign has been strictly put in place along the border checkpoint which falls under the coverage area of the APF Nepal Number 3 Gadhimai Battalion Headquarters Chitwan.
APF Additional Inspector General and Gadhimai Battalion Commander Krishna Bhakta Brahmacharya informed that those sneaking into Nepal from border entry points without any permit are being quarantined in coordination with the local governments.
As part of the campaign, the APF squad arrested and subsequently quarantined two individuals entering Nepal through Thori checkpoint. They were trying to enter Madi along with their kids, the APF sources said.
He said that the campaign was conducted to strongly regulate entrance from bordering points when it was increasing along the border area.
A team led by APF constable Narayan Tharu had arrested and quarantined them to ward off possible outbreak of COVID-19. Both the arrestee are the local folks of Madi-2.
Likewise, another APF team headed by Man Bahadur Bhattarai also arrested a 28-year-old woman of Madi-9 and kept her at Bandarjhula-based health post.
As of Tuesday, the APF Chitwan has arrested and subsequently quarantined 33 persons covertly entering Nepal from the border entry points. (RSS)