Land becomes susceptible to water-induced disasters; Risk up with rise in rivers level

KATHMANDU, June 25 : The entire country will witness active monsoon for the next three days, the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology said.

Rain will occur in most of the places in the country. It rained in different areas of the country throughout the day today.

According to meteorologist Barun Poudel, there is possibility of more rain during the night time. He urged the general public to adopt necessary precautions to avoid possible risks since it will continue to rain for 3-4 days. More rain is likely to take place in Terai and Chure region, the department sources said.

With the rain occurring regularly, the rivers, rivulets and streams are seen soaring. According to the meteorologist, the land is getting more susceptible to water-induced disasters such as floods and landslides so brief rain is also likely to bring devastating effects. Chure region is more prone to lightning during the monsoon period.

“The places having no proper drainage system may face the problem of inundation; abrupt landslides and flooding is likely. So, the people residing in such vulnerable zone should be more sensitive for safety”, meteorologist Poudel said.

According to the meteorological forecast, there may be higher risks of water-induced calamities in the formative time of the monsoon with the land already becoming susceptible to floods and landslides.

At a time when the floods and landslides have claimed the human lives in different districts including Parbat this time around, all three-tier of governments are dire need of placing preparedness measures as well as rescue and relief operations in tandem.

It may be noted that the water-induced disasters such as floods and landslides have remained the major killer disaster in the country over the years. As many as 1,000 people die every year due to monsoon-triggered calamities in Nepal. So far Nepal tops the other South Asian countries in the death toll from the water-induced disaster.Narayan Dhungana/RSS