Apex court issues order to submit response in writing

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KATHMANDU, June 25 : The Supreme Court (SC) has directed the House of Representatives and National Assembly to submit response in writing with the reason behind allowing parliamentary deliberations in Hindi language in the federal parliament within 15 days.

A single bench of Justice Prakash Kumar Dhungana today issued an order seeking response in writing through the Office of Attorney General with reason as to why the lawmakers were not made to deliver in Nepali language in the parliament.

Advocate duo Keshar Jung KC and Lokendra Oli had filed a writ petition at the apex court noting the parliamentarians need to speak Nepali language as per the constitutional spirit of using Devanagiri script as official language. They have also demanded the removal of audio containing deliberations in the parliament in Hindi language from the archive of parliament secretariat.

The Article 7(1) of the Nepal Constitution-2015 has specified the Nepali language in Devanagiri script as the official language of the country. Further, the Article 1(2) and Article 48(B) have noted that it shall be the duty of the citizens to comply with the constitution and law.

The writ petitioners have demanded articulation merely in Nepali language in both the House reasoning the deliberations of the legislators in the parliament were for the official language and they would be archived for long time in history.

Also the petitioners demanded mandamus order from the apex court to order both the Houses of the parliament to remove the deliberations of lawmakers Sarita Giri and Amrita Agrahari in Hindi language in the parliament and get the lawmakers to speak only in official Nepali language.RSS