State Assembly in Karnali State fails to hold meeting


KATHMANDU, June 25 : The 22nd meeting under the sixth assembly of Karnali State’s State Assembly could not take place today as well owing to the disruption from the major opposition party Nepali Congress (NC).

NC parliamentarian party’s leader Jivan Bahadur Shahi and other NC parliamentarians stood from their respective seats in a gesture of protest after Speaker Raj Bahadur Shahi had initiated discussion on the various topics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law and Social Development under Karnali State Appropriation Bill-2077 BS.

Parliamentarian Shahi warned that they will continue to disrupt the meeting of the State Assembly until the State government introduces the book on annual development programmes of the government here for the new fiscal year 2020/21 in a clear language that any lay person could understand.

Speaker Shahi had requested the protesting parliamentarians to pay heeds to the government first and then raise their queries. The Speaker then issued a notice announcing postponement of the meeting until 3:00 PM tomorrow as the NC parliamentarians continued with their stance and protest.RSS