NC demands immediate rescue of Nepalis stranded abroad

KATHMANDU, June 26 : The major opposition Nepali Congress has drawn the government’s attention to immediately rescue the Nepalis stranded abroad for various reasons as expiry of visa and work permit.

Lawmaker in the House of Representatives and central member of the NC, Dr Dila Sangraula, submitted a memorandum and reminded him that the companies hiring Nepali workers could be pressed for assisting in repatriating them. If the companies providing job fail to assist, the concerned governments could be reached for the help to bring back the stranded Nepalis.
Dr Sangraula further reminded the Supreme Court interim order that government can utilize the foreign employment welfare fund for the rescue of the people in the foreign employment.
In addition to COVID-19 problem, some Nepalis are sick, injured, pregnant, and lactating mothers. So they must be paid immediate attention.

Lawmaker Sangraula further urged the government to see whether the employees were getting salary, allowances insurances before leaving the job stations. She also opined to manage free of cost quarantine facilities to those who cannot bear by themselves after arriving in Nepal.
The government is also asked to see whether migrant workers were getting foods, treatment and other basic facilities abroad. The respective embassies should study it, according to her.
Earlier, a proposal of public importance was registered in the parliament by lawmaker Gagan Thapa and was seconded by Prakash Snehi and Sangraula. Sangraula also reminded that they had met with Labour Minister in this regard two times before.RSS